Maintenance and development of your information system

Who we are

Through a custom-made facilities management offer, we take responsibility for all IT services, either by direct support or by managing service providers.

Our Expertise

Save time by entrusting us with the management of your IT equipment. You need an expert to accompany you while making changes impacting the development of your company. This is why Oxalia focuses on different jobs: technology watch and consultancy, IT maintenance, administrative management, purchasing equipment and the delegation of human resources. We offer you several services: hardware, software, networks, internet/telephony/messaging, backup/security/antivirus, copiers and application hosting.

Facilities Management by Oxalia enables you to:

  • benefit from the expertise of specialists in facilities management
  • modernise the quality of your information technology resources
  • instantaneously detect the nature of a technical issue and resolve it
  • benefit from emergency backup services
  • use the knowledge of technicians to improve monitoring

Our news

3X Consultants référencé par la DIRRECTE pour l’appui conseil RH des TPE-PME

La DIRRECTE Occitanie fait confiance à 3X...

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